In addition to performing the requested action, each command entered into 22Lookup causes an entry to be made in the "sessions file" thereby creating a historical record of user interaction with the app. One reason for this command implementation is to facilitate support. Alternatively, it is sometimes the case that one might recall that they obtained useful information from 22Lookup but somehow the exact command was forgotten. Using the sessions command will allow the user to scroll through previously entered commands to hone in on the command of interest.

Sessions Listing
20191203085514BLATT kiddusin 12b
20191203085524BLATT kiddushin 12b
20191203085954BLATT kiddushin 13a
20191203090736rashi kiddushin 13a
20191203090744rashi kiddushin 13a 8
20191203090751rashi kiddushin 13a 8 wbw
20191203090957blatt kiddushin 13a wbw
20191203091017tzura kiddushin 12b
20191203091028tzura kiddushin 13a
20191203091205search blatt ycvlh lmymr
20191203091237tzura kiddushin 13a
20191203091339tosfos kiddushin 13a
20191203091433tosfos kiddushin 13a 2
20191203091436tosfos kiddushin 13a 2 wbw
20191203091502tosfos kiddushin 13a 2 tier:25
20191203091507tosfos kiddushin 13a 2 wbw tier:25
20191203091531tosfos kiddushin 13a 2 wbw tier:10
20191203091714Amnm kiddushin 13a b
20191203091749gfind chumash ntnal
20191203091813gfind chumash yxHq mayr
20191203091905gfind chumash yxHq mayr
20191203092152tour chumash
20191203092424tour rashi
20191203092435rashi nedarim 25a
20191203092440rashi nedarim 25a 4
20191203092443rashi nedarim 25a 7
20191203092455rashi nedarim 25a 7-
20191204094846BLATT berachos 55a
20191204094858BLATT niddah 3b
20191204094906BLATT sanhedrin 49a
20191204094915BLATT pesachim 91b
20191204094921BLATT menachos 31a
20191204094940tzura berachos 55a
20191204094945tzura niddah 3b
20191204094951tzura sanhedrin 49a
20191204094959tzura pesachim 91b
20191204095005tzura menachos 31a
20191215211430blatt megillah 11b
20191215211616blatt berachos 29a wbw
20191215211807blatt berachos 29a wbw tier:10
20191215211844search blatt Arlh
20191215211941search blatt-yoma-sotah STy ydyv
20191215212052search blatt hvna 30 aqba
20191215212113search blatt hvna 30 abqa
20191215221208BLATT kiddushin 33a
20191215221537search BLATT svmcyN
20191215221603search BLATT ENGLISH diluted
20191215231406rashi nedarim 25a
20191215231427rashi nedarim 25a 7
20191215231440rashi nedarim 25a 7 wbw
20191215231514rashi nedarim 25a 3-
20191215231542search rashi mvdh mqxT
20191216132045tosfos kesubos 6b
20191216132053tosfos kesubos 6b 2
20191216132058tosfos kesubos 6b 2 wbw
20191216132112tosfos kesubos 6b 2-
20191216132838serach tosfos tyrda
20191216132843search tosfos tyrda
20191216132915search tosfos-bava_kamma-bava_metziah-bava_basra mhyca TyTy
20191216132956search tosfos mhyca TyTy
20191216133011search tosfos-shabbos-bava_kamma mhyca TyTy
20191216133043tosfos kesubos 6b
20191216133058tosfos kesubos 6b 2
20191216133108tosfos kesubos 6b 2 wbw
20191216133132tosfos kesubos 6b 1-
20191216133151search tosfos tyrda
20191216133202search tosfos-shabbos-bava_kamma mhyca TyTy
20191216135615mishnah 0
20191216135626mishnah yoma
20191216140331mishnah 0
20191216140505mishnah pesachim
20191216140510mishnah pesachim 3
20191216140514mishnah pesachim 3 1
20191216140518mishnah pesachim 3 1 wbw
20191216140522mishnah pesachim 3 1-3
20191216140633search mishnah mprSTh
20191216140716search mishnah rby 30 mAsr
20191216140720search mishnah rby 30 mASr
20191216140754search mishnah rby 30 mASr
20191216141059mishnah pesachim
20191216141119mishnah pesachim 3
20191216141129mishnah pesachim 3 1
20191216141136mishnah pesachim 3 1 wbw
20191216141143mishnah pesachim 3 1-3
20191216141157search mishnah mprSTh
20191216141208search mishnah rby 30 mASr
20191216143908MISHNAH terumos 3 3
20191216143918MISHNAH terumos 2 1
20191216143932MISHNAH zevachim 5 1-
20191216144022search MISHNAH hSrX bTvch
20191216144118search MISHNAH rby ySmAl avmr
20191216144215search MISHNAH rby ySmAl
20191216144224search MISHNAH ySmAl
20191216144236search MISHNAH ENGLISH asham
20191216145451MISHNAH avos 2 1
20191216155141tzura berachos 2a
20191216155219tzura niddah 73a
20191216165137Amnm berachos 22a g
20191216165202Amnm beitzah 28b m
20191216165222Amnm kesubos 22a l
20191216165237Amnm gittin 31a b
20191216165519Amnm berachos 22a g
20191216165552Amnm beitzah 28b m
20191216165612Amnm kesubos 22a l
20191216165622Amnm gittin 31a b
20191216175329tanach amos 1 1-
20191216175334tanach amos
20191216175809tanach daniel 1 1
20191216175820tanach daniel 2 5-13
20191216175831tanach amos
20191216175846search tanach aHzTcM
20191216175900search tanach vySlH 20 bmHnh
20191216180233tanach amos
20191216180503tanach daniel 1 1
20191216183458chumash vayikra 4
20191216183506chumash vayikra 4 8-12
20191216183521search chumash csP
20191216183535search chumash mqnT csP
20191216183620search chumash byvM hSbT 30 bryT AvlM
20191216184419chumash vayikra 4
20191216184426chumash vayikra 4 8-12
20191216184435search chumash mqnT csP
20191216184443search chumash byvM hSbT 30 bryT AvlM
20191216185637navi shmuel_aleph 1 1
20191216185644navi shmuel_aleph 1 1-
20191216185655navi shmuel_aleph 1
20191216185659navi shmuel_aleph 1 1
20191216185734navi shmuel_aleph 1 5
20191216185738navi shmuel_aleph 1 1-
20191216185741navi shmuel_aleph 2 1-
20191216185826search navi SlS mavT
20191216185857search navi HbrvN 30 hAnq
20191216185927navi shmuel_aleph 2 1-
20191216185932search navi SlS mavT
20191216185938search navi HbrvN 30 hAnq
20191216191156kesuvim esther 1 5-9
20191216191205kesuvim esther
20191216191210kesuvim esther 1
20191216191219kesuvim esther 1 3
20191216191223kesuvim esther 1 1-
20191216191323search kesuvim mrdcy
20191216191350search kesuvim mrdcy 20 ymyny
20191217105532chumash_rashi shemos 22
20191217105542chumash_rashi shemos 22 3
20191217105620search chumash_rashi arX ySral
20191217105708chumash_rashi shemos 22 3
20191217105718search chumash_rashi arX ySral
20191217105737search chumash_rashi ala 30 ala
20191217105745search chumash_rashi ala 20 ala
20191217105751search chumash_rashi ala 10 ala
20191217110502chumash_rashi 22
20191217110510chumash rashi shemos 22
20191217110527chumash_rashi shemos 22
20191217111422map menachos 92b
20191217111440map menachos 92b tAvN smych
20191217111645map menachos 92b
20191217111655map menachos 92b tAvN smych
20191217112138map yoma 41b
20191217112415map yoma 41b cy byvM hzh icpr AlycM
20191217112451map yoma 41b cy byvM hzh ycpr AlycM
20191217112752map yoma 41b
20191217113206map eiruvin 10a
20191217113353map eiruvin 10a prvX mrvbh Al hAvmd
20191217113716theMB 7
20191217113724theMB 7 2
20191217113737search theMB yxtrC
20191217113803search theMB hmxvh 30 xyxyT
20191217113833theMB 7
20191217113840theMB 7 2
20191217113847search theMB yxtrC
20191217113854search theMB hmxvh 30 xyxyT
20191217114746theMB 7 2-
20191217115435rambam TMT
20191217115443rambam TMT 2
20191217115519search rambam TpylyN Sl raS
20191217115538rambam ADP 3 15
20191217115559rambam TMT
20191217115606rambam TMT 2
20191217115613rambam ADP 3 15
20191217115625search rambam TpylyN Sl raS
20191217121958thebach 0
20191217122033thebach BEH
20191217122039thebach BEH 175
20191217122056thebach BEH 175 11
20191217122106thebach BEH 175 4-6
20191217122206search thebach bTvrT mScvN
20191217122256search thebach raSvnh 40 aHrvnh
20191217122325thebach BEH 175
20191217122342thebach BEH 175 4-6
20191217122348search thebach bTvrT mScvN
20191217122359search thebach raSvnh 40 aHrvnh
20191217142519ritva yoma 64a
20191217142535search ritva TArvbT
20191217142553search ritva thvrh 30 sqp
20191217142614search ritva thvrh 30 spq
20191217142802ritva yoma 64a
20191217142809search ritva TArvbT
20191217142822search ritva thvrh 30 spq
20191217150847beit_yosef BYOC
20191217150859beit_yosef BYOC:2
20191217150917tour beit_yosef
20191217150935beit_yosef BYYD:39
20191217150947beit_yosef BYYD:38
20191217151004beit_yosef BYOC:12
20191217151036beit_yosef BYOC 17
20191217151042beit_yosef BYOC 17 5
20191217151047beit_yosef BYOC 17 5-
20191217151053beit_yosef BYOC 17 1-
20191217151057beit_yosef BYOC 17 2-
20191217151115search beit_yosef brch aHrvnh
20191217151135search beit_yosef lHzvr 30 lHzvr
20191217151228search beit_yosef lHzvr
20191217151314beit_yosef BYCM 13 3
20191217151403search beit_yosef Scr 30 lHzvr
20191217151409search beit_yosef Scr 50 lHzvr
20191217151422beit_yosef BYCM 13 3
20191217151453search beit_yosef Scr 20 gt
20191217151617search beit_yosef lHzvr
20191217151647search beit_yosef lHzvr bhM
20191217151737beit_yosef BYOC 17 2-
20191217151752beit_yosef BYOC 17 2-
20191217151810search beit_yosef brch aHrvnh
20191217151837search beit_yosef lHzvr bhM
20191217153754netziv_hed shemos
20191217153756netziv_hed shemos 13
20191217153811netziv_hed shemos 13 2
20191217153838search netziv_hed dbyqvT
20191217153957netziv_hed shemos 13
20191217154004netziv_hed shemos 13 2
20191217154008search netziv_hed dbyqvT
20191217160313therif avodah_zarah 24a
20191217160332therif avodah_zarah
20191217160337therif avodah_zarah 22a
20191217160408search therif thvrh
20191217160457search therif thvrh 30 pAmyM
20191217160518search therif nTqdSsh 10 Smval
20191217160524search therif nTqdSh 10 Smval
20191217160540therif avodah_zarah 22a
20191217160549search therif thvrh
20191217160556search therif thvrh 30 pAmyM
20191217160812therif avodah_zarah 22a
20191217160816search therif thvrh
20191217160820search therif thvrh 30 pAmyM
20191217162727theSA CM 111 2
20191217162740theSA CM 111 2-
20191217162751search theSA TASh
20191217162815search theSA TASh 20 Hbr
20191217162835search theSA TASh
20191217162907search theSA TASh 20 SASh
20191217162932theSA CM 111 2-
20191217162939search theSA TASh
20191217162944search theSA TASh 20 SASh
20191217162951theSA CM 111 2-
20191217162955search theSA TASh
20191217163000search theSA TASh 20 SASh
20191217164626thetur TCM 123
20191217164639thetur TCM 123 5-
20191217164652thetur TCM 123 5-9
20191217164710search thetur Avsq
20191217164725search thetur pTvr 30 nzq
20191217164741search thetur pTvr
20191217164756thetur TCM 483 1
20191217164802search thetur pTvr
20191217164907search thetur pTvr
20191217164948search thetur ptvr
20191217165035search thetur ptvr 30 nzq
20191217165057thetur TCM 123
20191217165105thetur TCM 123 5-9
20191217165115search thetur Avsq
20191217165128search thetur ptvr 30 nzq
20191217165145thetur TCM 123
20191217165149thetur TCM 123 5-9
20191217165154search thetur Avsq
20191217165158search thetur ptvr 30 nzq
20191217171901smag POS REM
20191217171918smag POS 9 1
20191217171939smag NEG 113-155
20191217171949smag NEG 113-
20191217172001smag NEG 2 1
20191217172011smag NEG REM 113-155
20191217172020smag RAB
20191217172025smag RAB 1-
20191217172044smag NEG 113-
20191217172251smag POS 88
20191217172259smag POS 72
20191217172304smag POS 70
20191217172311smag POS 16
20191217172315smag POS 13
20191217172319smag POS 10
20191217172337smag NEG 18
20191217172340smag NEG 19
20191217172425smag POS 10
20191217172435smag POS REM
20191217172447smag POS REM 144-155
20191217172456smag NEG 19
20191217172505smag NEG REM
20191217172516smag NEG REM 113-
20191217172525smag RAB 1-
20191217172551smag RAB
20191217172557smag RAB 3
20191217172600smag RAB 4
20191217172602smag RAB 5
20191217172611smag RAB 1
20191217172638search smag HpSy
20191217172757smag POS 10
20191217172811smag POS REM
20191217172824smag POS REM 144-155
20191217172834smag NEG 19
20191217172844smag NEG REM
20191217172854smag NEG REM 113-
20191217172902smag RAB 1-
20191217172927search smag HpSy
20191217180124therosh sukkah
20191217180131therosh sukkah 27b
20191217180157search therosh hTHTvnyM gvllv
20191217180218search therosh yhvdh 40 SlS
20191217180237therosh sukkah
20191217180242therosh sukkah 27b
20191217180247search therosh hTHTvnyM gvllv
20191217180252search therosh yhvdh 40 SlS
20191217182724therosh sukkah
20191217182731therosh sukkah 2P7
20191217182740search therosh hTHTvnyM gvllv
20191217182800search therosh yhvdh 40 SlS
20191217182833therosh sukkah
20191217182837therosh sukkah 2P7
20191217182841search therosh hTHTvnyM gvllv
20191217182845search therosh yhvdh 40 SlS
20191217183818mshaw_hh kesubos
20191217183823mshaw_hh kesubos 32a
20191217183849search mshaw_hh acTy TqSy
20191217183918mshaw_hh kesubos
20191217183921mshaw_hh kesubos 32a
20191217183924search mshaw_hh acTy TqSy
20191217185511mshaw_hh kesubos
20191217185515mshaw_hh kesubos 32a
20191217185534search mshaw_hh acTy TqSy
20191217185548mshaw_hh kesubos
20191217185551mshaw_hh kesubos 32a
20191217185555search mshaw_hh acTy TqSy
20191217190303mshaw_ha bava_basra
20191217190312mshaw_ha bava_basra 12b
20191217190328search mshaw_ha dqdq lprS
20191218100053sessions 201912

Sessions Listing
20191204094846BLATT berachos 55a
20191204094858BLATT niddah 3b
20191204094906BLATT sanhedrin 49a
20191204094915BLATT pesachim 91b
20191204094921BLATT menachos 31a
20191204094940tzura berachos 55a
20191204094945tzura niddah 3b
20191204094951tzura sanhedrin 49a
20191204094959tzura pesachim 91b
20191204095005tzura menachos 31a